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Starting Over

After winter, comes spring and the bountiful of nature starts anew. Just as the seasons change, and start over, so can you and with it, comes new beginnings and new life that spring forth.

"Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come." ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17

Life as in nature moves in cycles. The old things must die and the new comes forth. For new life to start over, it is never an easy process. In birth, pain is experienced but is then quickly followed by the joy of what has come. This is why when we start over, though it may be hard, we must embrace it and recognize the good that is coming out of it. It can seem scary at first when you are unsure of what is to come, but by putting your trust and faith in God, all things are well. We must allow God to lead us even when we do not understand the path we are on or why we must go through change. Change is inevitable and the only thing in life that remains constant in our lives. The coming of a new thing in our life can bring joy, happiness, turmoil and pain all at the same time but all of these things are necessary for us to grow in our spiritual walk in life and with God.

Embracing the new can mean a period of feeling uncomfortable and out of place but it can take us to a place of peace within us and all around us. When we put our faith in God to lead us we walk in this peace knowing that His will for our lives is perfect. Trusting in Him guides us to our purpose. We cannot fight against change in our lives because this would be fighting against the will of God in our lives and we could easily ruin our blessings that He has in store for us. So, we must take a leap of faith knowing that even though we may feel as if we are walking blindly, He is carrying us down His path and not of that of our own and it truly will come to be well with our soul.

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