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Somethings Aren't Better Left Unsaid

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

The old saying is " There are somethings better left unsaid" and in my opinion, the true meaning of this quote is: Be selective in the words you choose to speak to others, for words are the creators of life and death. Let's discuss what isn't being said....

Welcome to all who have ventured this day on their life journey to this page on my site. For each moment in our lives is of importance. "He who hath an ear, let him hear" ~ Revelations 2:29

"He who hath an ear, let him hear" ~ Revelations 2:29

Many of us have heard the saying, we have one mouth and two ears so that we listen twice as much as we speak. I know I have heard it numerous times throughout my life and it is one of those sayings that just kind of sticks with you as you get older.

Hearing vs. Listening

As a child growing up, I never knew what my parents meant when they would ask me if I heard them and I would respond with, "Yes, I hear you!", and then I would quickly hear them say, “You hear me but are you listening?". Then I had no idea what they meant, but what child really does? You see, you can hear anything and everybody, but to listen is to take in, digest and gain an understanding to something. To listen is to take heed to a thing and put it into action. To listen is to take something in and develop it.

The Webster's dictionary meaning of "hear" has several meanings: to listen or pay attention to, listen to and judge, listen to and grant and to be informed of. Listen on the other hand in the Webster's definition means to take action of and act on what someone says, respond to advice or a request, make an effort to hear something; be alert and ready to hear something, used to rude someone to pay attention to what one is going to say. To listen in the form of a noun is the act of listening to something meaning there is an action that needs to be taken by what you have heard.

As a child, I used to question why it was so difficult for my parents or any adult figure for that matter, to just blatantly come out and tell me what they meant instead of just giving me parables to figure out? Why couldn't they just directly come out and say what they meant? As an adult, I now understand that if they told me everything up front, I would miss out on lessons I would learn throughout the course of my life and learning for myself firsthand what it meant. See it is only by the means of going through things, the actions so to speak, that things are truly learned. If they would have just come out and told me what everything meant, it would not stick with me. It would not be engraved in my being, as a badge of understanding.

You see everything that we learn on this life journey, every small detail that we express creates and places in our DNA what we grow to become. All of the little things begin to come together, at which in a later point grows like a pillar until it switches the light on, and we go "Ah! Ha!".

You see if things are done too quickly. If things are told too soon and you are not ready mentally and psychologically to understand them yet, you will not be able to grasp hold or take heed to these things and/or take action, at which point, you may end up being more confused than when you started.

Bits and pieces are given to us over time. Small pieces of information are sowed in our minds that begin to grow and eventually, with water and nourishing they grow and develop. Like a forest, it all comes together to make and create this mosaic in our minds of what is, what was and as time goes on, what dreams may come. It creates this intertwined creation of colors that paint this beautiful scheme of colors, at which point the true artist within you takes flight.

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