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October's Monthly Dose of Spoken Word

Push Through

"You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word"~ Psalms 119:114


Sitting on the edge of my bed

Melodies going through my head

Sense and sensibility

Trying to make sense of me

What is this that’s gotten into me

Finally got through to me

Since I’m me

Can’t be what others want from me

Fire breathing in me

Lit the match

Friction in my life I can’t patch

It up

Life is tough

Daddy said it would be rough

Maybe I just didn’t go to school enough

School of hard knocks is where I graduated

Made it through unfaded


Passion in my lungs

Feel like I’m sprung

Went back to go forward

Sling shot me to my next world

My next life

No strife

Eyes wide shut

Feeling in my gut

Continued to strut

Head up

See the light

I didn’t give up

Chose to use my words to win this fight

Push through

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