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Milk & Cookies

Updated: Sep 11

Long days and even longer nights can bring lack of sleep and then decreased focus in the morning. What happened to having a cold glass of milk with cookies at night and getting a good nights rest. Is this still possible as an adult?

It seems life went from milk and cookies at night, to coffee and an everything bagel with light cream cheese in the morning as comfort food. We need comfort to start our days, and and occasional glass of wine to end our nights to relax. It was in each warm bite of the cookie that we found a sense of comfort, warmth and security. So why can't we just go back to eating milk and cookies at night?

“In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”~ Psalms 4:8

I think that what we all desire to have after a long day is a sense of peace and comfort. That same peace and comfort we got as children before we went to bed at night always brought a smile to our faces. Now the way I see it, there is no reason why we can't still enjoy milk and cookies at night, although I don't think it will satisfy the inner peace that you are looking for.

That inner peace and comfort only comes from God. Sometimes we just need to search within ourselves and ask God for peace. When we ask, we must be sure to not only ask for inner peace but also that we exude peace to others that we encounter. This is how we become the light of the world. When others see the God within us, they want to know how to obtain it too.

This opens the door for you to make an invitation to teach others about how God has given you peace and how He also will give them peace if they just believe in His word. It's your opportunity to invite them over for a glass of milk with cookies because sometimes we must go backward in order to go forward.

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