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Flashback Friday: The First Days

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Taking a look back to when we were once young....

We come into this world through the birth canal into this world crying because it is our only means of verbally communicating or signaling for someone to tend to us. It is the way our way of creating sound so that to others we are heard and recognized. It is our way to let our mothers know we are here. For in the beginning we were created .....

For in the beginning we were created .....

When your mother first lays eyes on you, she is in aw of your perfection....

The Meaning of a Mother

Have you ever just sat back and thought about researched the meaning of a mother? Let's first take a look at the word itself. The word mother is composed of m and the word other. So what does this all mean? Well first, the letter M is a symbol for the inner being of another individual, the protection and preservation of the gods. " The forces that interweave and tend to the World Order." It has also been known by the Egyptians to be a symbol of water, birth and the Tree of the Universe. If we place this meaning before the word "other" we then get " the inner being of others", " the protection and preservation of others", " the forces that interweave and tend to the World Order of others". Pretty amazing ladies, don't you think? ( that is if you believe in the meaning).

We look at everything today and just take it for face value for what others tell us. How often do you take the time to research what you are speaking? Where it came from? Most of us, just learn and know the bare minimum in this life to get by. And the thing is you are getting by, barely and you are not even conscious of the disservice you are creating for yourself.

Mothers and fathers ( because father's are parents too ladies), I must ask, how do you suppose information gets passed on to the next generation so that our society can thrive if we do not take the time to learn things for ourselves and pass the knowledge down to our children? We live in a society nowadays where the expectation is they will learn it at school and leave it to the teachers to teach our children instead of us investing the time that is necessary for them to grow. We then blame society for why our child seems lost and how they are so much different than we were and how they don't have as much common sense as we did. I can speak on this because I have also been this person. We all are guilty of this.

For some this one small gesture may seem unimportant, but on the grand scheme of things if we do this with everything around us, how quickly information is lost and once the teacher is gone, the information is too. This is why we have lost so much information about our ancestors. Most of us have no idea where our roots come from. We have no idea about our family names and traditions. We hardly know our close relatives let alone our families dynasty. In order for us to learn these things, we must all go back, #flashback to what once was, so that we can have a better today, a better tomorrow, a better future.

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