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February's Daily Dose of Spoken Word

The Book

It is in the teachings and writings in books that information has been passed down from generation to generation. Books provide us with insight and allow us to share information. Books open the doors for our imaginations to grow and our emotions to peak. We keep journals to hold our secrets and thoughts, we write poems to express our feelings and bibliographies to learn the facts and gain insight from first hand experiences. Each book written comes from a purpose and passion that the author wanted to express. Even the Holy Bible is written from the perspective of the 12 disciples to bring us their vision during the times that Christ walked the Earth. It's time for us to wake up and listen to the writings in this "book"........


Lines in our hands like tree branches blowing in the wind

Fingertips touch the skyline

Trying to reach the end of our timeline

Growing up from the grass in the ground

Sound waves touch our ears

Like frequencies I cannot bear

Skin laying like pastures of grass in plain fields

Like the sun rays pouring down on us from a water mill

Connecting us to our true purpose

Going back to the dirt

Cause this Earth can’t hold any more of us

Striving to reach a sense of perfection

What is this God-Earth connection?

Bones breaking

It’s all too much to take in

Leaves that are raked in

Gathered together all looking too fake in

This society, that we were taken to

Why is the sky really blue?

Warm, hot, cold which is really true?

Chemical compounds coming together

Will life be like this forever?

Buried treasure

Things unknown,cannot be measured

Or understood

That’s why I had to write this book

Follow, lead, look


No time to wait

Boast brag or emulate

Time for the date

For us to look more at the seasonal traits

Why are all the fish dying in the lakes?

And in the oceans

There is no potion

Or magical combination

To fix this lie that we live in

We must just dig in

Let the light in

Dark places

Come to truth


We’ve got to face it

Fully embrace it

The writings in the book

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