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A Time to Start Healing

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

The pain you experience in life is not your fault, but your healing is you responsibility.

"I have seen his ways, and will heal him: I will lead him also, and restore comforts unto him and his mourners.~ Isaiah 57: 18

The entire world is going through tremendous pain, grief and suffering in every area of their lives today. It can be very difficult when you go through tough times to stay positive and to take care of ourselves properly. Many times people reach out to drugs, alcohol. and over-eating when we feel bad in an effort to feel better, when in actuality we are just doing more damage to ourselves partaking in such things. It is very easy to fall off the bandwagon to indulge and can be trying to jump back on when it feels like your life is a rollercoaster ride.

It has been found that taking small steps is often easier than taking a leap. Small steps of growth help us to tackle milestones in life. The first step is always a difficult one, but you must focus on the end result. Do not focus on where you are, focus on where you want to be. Put up reminders on sticky notes throughout your home and in your car if you have to of positive affirmations to get you through the day. Everyone goes through hard times. You are not alone.

When you are feeling down always remember that God will never put you through anything you cannot bear. Hard times make us stronger and permit growth in our lives in areas we may not even be aware of that call for growth. In bad situations, you must learn to find the small piece of good that lies within and make that your focus. Know that He will lead you. He will comfort you and He will restore you. These small steps are a form of rebirthing yourself into a new person. a new life and a new mindset. Take the first step and you just may be surprised to find what the view will look like when you reach the mountain top.

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