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Un-zipped Lipz




purple flowers


Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow



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Tulip Bouquet


"Let Compassion Move You.

    Let Kindness Guide You. Let Love Open you.

Let Peace be within you."


~ Author Unknown

Change the Future Outcome

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Flower Box

Word Tree

Bumbershoot: \bemberSHōōt\~ an umbrella

Sentence example: It is raining awfully hard out. I think I may need my bumbershoot today. 

Doff: \dafh\ verb~ to take off something or remove it


Sentence example: The young boy sat on the bench and doffed his shoes quickly so that he could play with his friends.


Ineffable: \in-EFF-uh-bul\ adj.~ Indescribable or unspeakable, beyond expression in words,  not to be uttered


This word can be used to when your feelings about something or someone are impossible to put into words you say it's ineffable.

Sentence example:

My love for God is ineffable.

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